Admissions/Data Update FAQs

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Platte Valley School District uses online admissions and data updates for the convenience of our parents and our staff. If you are experiencing difficulty with the online admissions and data update system and cannot find the answers on our website, please contact the school at which your student attends or will attend:

  • Early Learning Center: 970-336-8760
  • Elementary School: 970-336-8522
  • Middle School: 970-336-8610
  • High School: 970-336-8708

How can I access the online admissions and data updates process?

Link to existing student data updates and new student admissions by visiting the Platte Valley School District Admissions and Data Update web page.

What are the rules for parents/guardians?

Parent/Guardians listed for each student must be that student’s legal guardian. Proof of guardianship includes: parent’s name on official birth certificate, adoption paperwork, legal guardianship paperwork. Parents who are not legal guardians (including step-parents who have not adopted the student) can still be listed but will not have guardianship access to student records.

What is an emergency contact?

In AN EMERGENCY, if the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the school will call one of the listed emergency contacts. Proper identification will be required before a student is released to emergency contacts. Contacts should be able to pick up the student within 30 minutes.

What is impact aid?

This is a state-mandated data collection requirement.

Why is the system asking for race/ethnicity information?

Data collected must be maintained by the school district for three years. However, when there is litigation, a claim, an audit, or another action involving this record, the original responses must be retained until the completion of the action.

Admissions/Data Update Entry Tips
Admissions/Data Update General Tips
  • Parents of existing students who also have a new student entering the district should choose the Existing Family option. This will allow for the annual data update of the existing students' information first, and then any new students that will be attending can be added.
  • Make sure to have an email account before starting an application.
Admissions/Data Update Document Upload Tips