2023-2024 Vision and Hearing Screenings
Vision and Hearing Screenings
  • Early Learning Center screenings (all students) will be held September 27 and 28.
  • Elementary School screenings (K-3rd grades and 5th grade) will be held September 20 and 21.
  • Middle School screenings (7th grade) will be held September 1.
  • High School screenings (9th grade) will be held September 1.

All students on an IEP or a 504 and new students will need to be screened as well. If your child misses these scheduled dates, they will be screened at a later date.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding these screenings or you wish to opt out of screening for your child(ren), please contact the District Nurse at 970-336-8525 or nurse@pvre7.org.

Health Staff Members
PV Health Office Fax Number


Immunization Deadline

November 1st is the deadline for making sure all students are compliant with state immunization law. Please make sure your student’s records with Platte Valley School District are updated.

If you are planning to file an exemption, there is a new process. You can no longer just sign a waiver and have your student exempted. You must either have a physician signature of counseling received or complete the Online Immunization Education Module in order to file an exemption. This is pursuant to the new Colorado Immunization Bill (SB20-163) that is in effect with the 2021-2022 school year.

You can drop off updated immunization records or fax them to 970-336-8635.   Thank you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kimberlie McConkey nurse@pvre7.org 970-336-8525

Public Health Information

Platte Valley School District will work in conjunction with CDE and local public health with regard to illness issues. The general message is simple. If your son or daughter is well, we want your student at school! If your student is sick and not feeling well please keep him or her home. More specifically, because we have to address the issues that existed the last two years, this means:

  • We will not require masks. If a student or stakeholder would like to wear a mask they may do so. We continue to ask that individuals continue to be considerate of others.

  • We will not contact trace.

  • We will not prevent family households who are not sick from attending school. If a student is sick they should stay home. If a student has a temperature of 100.4 the student will be sent home. This is in accordance with historical practice so that your student can work on feeling better and we do not get other students sick.

  • We will follow board policy as it relates to vaccinations, exemptions, and exclusions. This includes items such as Tuberculosis, Roseola, Head Lice, Chicken Pox, etc. Please refer to Board Policy JLCC-E(1) around Communicable Diseases.

It is important to understand these expectations may change while also knowing we do not want them to change. We will continue to work to make the best of any situation.