Superintendent's Message

My name is Jeremy Burmeister, and I could not be more grateful and appreciative for the opportunity to serve as Platte Valley's superintendent. While I served as the District's Business Services Director for five years prior to becoming the superintendent, and I know the district well, I want to take the opportunity to share with you a little about me.

I was raised in Mt. Ayr, Iowa, a small town in the southwest corner of Iowa nestled between Lincoln, Nebraska and Des Moines. The closest movie theater was about 45 minutes away, and there was not a single fast-food restaurant in the county. I am confident there were more deer than people in Ringgold County!

I grew up in a family of educators. My parents met while teaching, and my dad became a superintendent of schools after serving his country in Vietnam. I had many other relatives that pursued careers in education.  Some say it’s in our blood. The combination of my small town Iowa upbringing and family involvement in education has shaped who I am as a professional and an individual.

I have spent most of my life teaching, coaching, or involved in education in some way.  Beginning as a teenager, I taught swimming lessons to elementary-aged children and coached middle school baseball while in college. Being an educator is innate in me. I initially went to school to pursue a career in business management, I eventually felt compelled to pursue education as a profession. The brief time I spent working in sales and management in the private sector has proven beneficial to my professional education career. Since that time in the private sector I have worked as a Business Education teacher at Highland High School, served as an Assistant Principal/Athletic Director at both Highland and then Longmont High School, and eventually was fortunate enough to earn the Business Services Director opening here at Platte Valley.

Fast-forward to today. I have been asked numerous times why I wanted to pursue the superintendency. Throughout my career, my focus has always been student-centric, focusing on what I can do to provide the best opportunities for students. This is the reason I have worked into district leadership. I know the significant impact teachers make on their students and this cannot be replaced. I also believe wholeheartedly that I can have a greater impact on more students as the superintendent of schools. This is my "why", to work to Pursue Excellence for All: For Every Student, Every Day.

Yours in education,

Dr. Jeremy Burmeister

Superintendent of Schools

Jeremy Burmeister Superintendent

Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Burmeister