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    Public Health Information

    Platte Valley School District will work in conjunction with CDE and local public health with regard to illness issues. The general message is simple. If your son or daughter is well, we want your student at school! If your child is sick and not feeling well, please keep him or her home. Our part will be as follows:

    • We will not require masks. If a student or stakeholder would like to wear a mask they may do so. We continue to ask that individuals continue to be considerate of others.

    • We will not contact trace.

    • We will not prevent others in a household who are not sick from attending school. If a student is sick, they should stay home. If a student has a temperature of 100.4 the student will be sent home. This is in accordance with historical practice so that your child can work on feeling better and we do not get other students sick.

    • We will reference Colorado Department of Health and Environment's Communicable Disease guidelines: "How Sick is too Sick?" when making the decision to send your child home or in allowing them to remain in school.

    • We will follow board policy as it relates to vaccinations, exemptions, and exclusions. This includes items such as Tuberculosis, Roseola, Head Lice, Chicken Pox, etc. Please refer to Board Policy JLCC-E(1) around Communicable Diseases.

    It is important to understand these expectations may change based off of current situations and guidelines throughout the state.

    ESSER III Funding (Federal Covid Funding)

    Platte Valley School District has been providing in-person learning since the 2020-2021 school year. We are committed to continuing to provide in-person learning throughout the remainder of the pandemic while ensuring we follow the appropriate safety precautions. Our plan to allow for in-person learning and to address learning loss has included and will continue to include additional teachers and para-professionals to decrease class size allowing for more individualized instruction and spacing, before and after school tutoring and intervention, intervention during the school day, and maintaining appropriate cleaning protocols. Additionally, the Platte Valley School District will continue to evaluate the necessity of continued remote learning due to potential quarantines or in order to fulfill longer term remote learning needs.

    Click here to review the Platte Valley School District ARP ESSER III Use of Funds.